Mastello Andros

A beautiful Travel - Seafood Story

Welcome to Mastello Seafood Restaurant

Discover Our Story

With magnificent view and love for unique recipes with products from local producers of Cyclades and entire Greece, we try to travel you in the world of tastes, at our place!

Our first goal is to enhance small local producers. Our menu is composed from some “mezedes” as you use to hear in Greece and from some main dishes with the signature of our chefs!

Local Products & High Quality Ingredients

Dining Experience

Our combinations from seafood dishes and meat recipes and special cheeses  ‘ll surprise you!

 We want to keep out identity with “clean” tastes and ingredients that won’t miss the quality and their origin.

We live in a country that have too much to give to the tourism via Gastronomy! If some understand this!

The prices are affordable for all economical levels of clients that in combine with a very good service create a milestone for our work!